In the development of new products, fast iterations are required. The time factor and Security of in-house data also plays a major role. ElectraTech has facility with advace technology and  high accuracy machines and equipment give you all the possible options from idea to mass-produced goods in minimal time with in-house rapid PCB prototyping.

If you need prototype printed circuit boards, it’s important to work with an assembler who can turn your designs around fast. These boards help verify you have the right design before you start a full production run so you can avoid costly errors. The sooner you get your prototype circuit board back, the sooner you can test it and get started on your standard production run. ElectraTech is the PCB manufacturer with fast reaction. We offer quick-turn PCB prototypes to turn your prototype boards around fast while still maintaining complete adherence to your design specifications.

This includes fast, affordable prototype assembly where we take your unique PCB designs, prepare them for the assembly process. We can provide a complete turnkey PCB prototype assembly featuring a one-stop shop approach that saves you time, money and hassles. We work on  simple boards to high complexity multi material boards. Low, medium or high volume.

In an era where overseas intellectual property theft is widespread, keeping prototyping capabilities onshore and in-house provides greater security. In industries that are highly regulated, such as medical devices and defense, ElectraTech offers greater security, shorter lead times, and a fixed cost structure with our in-house PCB rapid prototyping facility.

ElectraTech fully meets your PCB “design-to-market” needs, providing comprehensive services from design to production, assembly and testing to final product delivery in appropriate commercial packaging. A strong quality management system (QMS) can ensure that your circuit boards and products are high quality with stable performance. Electratech are on hand for all your fabrication needs.

Our Facility capabilities:

    • Works on a variety of materials from FR4 to Teflon and unfired ceramics.
    • Compatibility to any CAD program using standardized file formats.
    • Multilayer PCB fabrication up to 8 layers.
    • In-house system SMD pick and place system capable to placement of SMD component such as 0201 and higher,  BGA, SOIC, SSOP, QFN, TQFP, Led Component,  Diode, Triode, Tack Switch  are possible use of standard and fined pitch.
    • SMT polyimide and steel stencil manufacturing.
    • RoHS-compliant lead-free reflow soldering.
    • Optical 2D/3D inspections.
    • BGA Assembly and Rework facility.